A carreer and employment services program targeting LGBT's facing challenges because of their sexual orientation and or gender identity/expression.

Our unique “One-Stop-Shop approach to employment  positions us to make a huge impact on employment issues facing our clients

Our comprehensive services are broken into five major components:

Education/Training - Our education services are aimed at providing or honing the skills needed to find, secure, and/or maintain gainful employment.

Job Placement Services – These services are intended to help clients locate job openings with employers that are actively looking to hire people and are LGBT friendly and inclusive.

Career and Employment Services

Job Seeker Services – Our job seeker services give clients access to the tools and materials needed to present themselves in a professional and effective manner.

Career Development Services – We not only help our clients acquire new jobs but also help them advance their careers by hosting events and producing publications that offer the  opportunity   for  clients to gain exposure,  network with others, and build the connections that advance careers.

Risk Remediation Services – These services are what really set Casa Ruby apart from all others.  Not only do we focus on the immediate causes of  unemployment but also work to resolve   underlying issues like homelessness, and transportation issues to name a few.  With a strong focus on case management and peer couseling, We help our clients remain safe, stable and have a comprehensive set of tools at their disposal  that will allow them to be employable and stayed employed. We help them to become able, employable, ready and willing to work.  we truly are the “One-Stop-Shop”. for those who face major challenges obtaining and keeping stable employment.

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