Please consider becoming a GEM in the Casa Ruby family.

Your donation to Casa Ruby helps support our Center and programs &amp, Limited Financial Assistance to those enrolled in our career and employment services, when they are un-employed or between jobs, and those with extreme financial hardship. We work with individuals of all backgrounds, races and ethnicities, genders and ages, to connect them to Social Services. We continue using your donations to help others in need.

Your donation to Casa Ruby, Inc. a 501(c)(3) is tax deductible.


Pay for Outreach Materials. supplies to help youth with gender dysphoria. Metro Cards & Transportation for Job Seekers


is transportation of
5 Bus rides for a client


pays for medications (hormones, vitamins, maintenance medications) for an uninsured client


sustains 10 of our our clients at our Drop in Center / Respite Services with a meal


furnishes one sturdy cot for the Low Barrier Emergency Beds


contributes for a day of lodging and meals for a victim of violent assault in recovery


provides a mental health assessment for an uninsured client in need of emergency help


maintains access to urgent social services for HIV positive uninsured clients


feeds clients with 250 meals at our24/7 Crisis Support Center


Anthony Casa Ruby

“I’m proud of the fact that I have been at Casa Ruby a year and in a year’s time, I have turned my life around. I have gone from living in the street with no money in pocket to a job that I can be proud of….All the people I have met along the way, I have had so much support from Casa Ruby staff.”

Anthony Killinger

“Ruby impacts a lot of my life…I have great support from the Casa Ruby family…also support from people from the outside world that I never knew I had.”

Shontee (Shay) Holling